The Course

Syllabus Overview

Asana The YMTT will be based on two separate and complementary, approaches to delivering asana.  These are Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga (see below for outlines of these modules).

Yoga Philosophy Bringing together the ancient knowledge of East with the developments of the West.

Anatomy  Understanding Anatomy & Physiology (see below for outline of this module ).

Pranayama   The science and mechanics of yogic breathing.

Meditation  Developing a personal practice.

Business & Marketing skills  Including how to set up a yoga class in your local area, creating a website and how to use Social Media.


Yin Yoga Module

In a fast paced world where stress and anxiety are on the rise, Yin Yoga is quickly becoming a popular form of yoga that offers people a chance to slow down and reconnect with themselves via static poses held for longer periods of time.

On the Yin Yoga Module, Eleanor aims to help you find a way of teaching that resonates with you so you can teach with integrity, understanding and passion. Learning the fundamentals of meridian theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine to respect Yin Yoga’s roots will be essential, but Eleanor will also offer the scope to teach Yin Yoga on a functional anatomical level which will harmonise with the material learnt in your anatomy module and delve deeper into the mechanics of the moving body.

Eleanor will help you feel assured to teach from experience and to find confidence in finding your voice; bringing your own unique personality into the fore – to be a teacher, not just an instructor.

This module will have a strong emphasis on how to use props, variations on poses and an understanding of contraindications of the poses themselves so you feel confident in teaching to a broad spectrum of society with different needs.

What to expect:

  • A safe environment to determine how you’ll go on to teach in the real world – to be an inspirational teacher that can hone their skillset to teach with heartfelt integrity.
  • Confidence in structuring your own class material, whether inspired by meridian theory or functional anatomy, to teach a one hour yin class for all levels of practitioners
  • Understanding the importance of using props to facilitate a safe and comfortable practice
  • Emphasis and knowledge on why a slower practice such as Yin is important in the 21st century
  • To gain a knowledge base that will encourage creativity in class themes and sequences that flow naturally and intelligently
  • How to incorporate key yoga texts into class with context for guidance and inspiration
  • Creating safe boundaries, ethics and acknowledging the individuals needs in classes

Each module with Eleanor will be themed and progressive, each building upon the work from previous modules as well as crosslinking information from other modules for a harmonious learning experience. There will be ongoing communication and mini-assignments between each module to create a pace of learning that will enable you to integrate the course material, your own practice experiences and to actively pursue the line of self-enquiry as well as having support throughout the course and beyond.


Vinyasa Yoga Module

Arguably one of the most popular styles of Yoga Practice around the world today is Vinyasa (sometimes referred to as Flow Yoga). These classes are a mix of physical postures, creative sequences, mesmerising playlists, and lots of bodies.

In Vinyasa we combine the breath and the movement, so that we synchronise inhales and exhales with asanas and their transitions (especially during coming in and out of the pose) in the logical and the most efficient for our bodies way. Breath is our main guide which gives us the constant sense of presence, and transitions are smooth, so that the whole class feels like a moving meditation.

Vinyasa has different branches and aspects: from traditional and strict “Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga” to the contemporary creative mix of dance and asanas, martial arts and asanas, or more fitness oriented “Power Yoga”.

Vinyasa Flow gives freedom, strength, creativity, flexibility, awareness, fun, and is very friendly for the body and mind complex. Vinyasa yoga teaches us to cultivate an awareness that links each action to the next—on the mat and in our lives.

What to expect:

  • A safe, supportive environment in which to fully explore your creativity, unique teaching voice and teaching style
  • A comprehensive understanding of the practical application of your Yoga knowledge
  • An understanding of how to develop your own Vinyasa Yoga class and sequences within a framework
  • The knowledge and skills necessary to confidently teach a 1.5 hour Vinyasa Yoga class

The Vinyasa Flow Module places great importance on the practical aspects of teaching Vinyasa Yoga, as well as understanding the management of the class itself. It is a complete preparation for you to reach your goals, gain inclusive and practical knowledge of postures, pranayama, sequencing, skilful adjusting, assisting, teaching methods and much more. You will come away from this training with extensive understanding and skills that will distinguish you as an accomplished teacher, with a skillset and Yoga ‘tool-kit’ in knowing how to teach different kinds of students (auditory, visual, kinesthetic). There will be many opportunities during the course to practice your teaching so you become adept in physical demonstration, observation, verbal cueing, adjusting, correcting and giving positive feedback.

Georgia’s goal is for you be able to stand up and teach a Vinyasa Yoga class at the completion of this course with complete confidence and great awareness.


Anatomy & Physiology Module

Functional anatomy and physiology applied to Yoga practice. Systems that will be covered.

  • Musculoskeletal
  • Fascial
  • Nervous
  • Respiratory

By the end of the course you will have a working schema for analysing asana for individual students ensuring safe and effective practice.
The structure of the Anatomy sessions will be very practical, allowing you to feel and experience your anatomy as the best way to understand it and be able to confidently and effectively pass this knowledge onto students.


Additional Benefits

Upon signing up to the course there will be immediate (email) contact from the Asana teachers to establish an on going student teacher relationship which will be on going even once the course is finished and the student has graduated. This contact is a great way for the student to get to know the teacher even before the course starts– the teacher will be able to answer any pre-course questions you might have.

Private Facebook group for those signed up to create a sense of community and to share ideas and connections.

All Yoga Manchester Teacher Training & Advanced Training (CPD) courses will have a maximum of 15 trainees only.

Free entry to all Yoga Manchester Yoga classes during the duration of the course.

Ongoing aftercare ‘keep in touch’ system which will allow for trainees to stay in touch with course tutors once they have graduated.

Opportunities to assist and observe in Yoga Manchester classes during term times and after graduation. We will also offer all graduates the opportunity of being part of the Yoga Manchester team by starting off as a cover teacher.


Yoga Manchester Teacher Training Course is fully accredited by the Independent Yoga Network at the 200 hour level and will give you a complete yoga tool kit to establish yourself as a successful, compassionate yoga teacher.

Please call us to today and we can discuss in further detail ALL aspects of the course or you can click here to download an application form.