Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan

Course Director

I have practised Ashtanga yoga for over sixteen years and taught for the last fourteen. Although based in Manchester now, I have also taught in both India and Europe as well as all over the UK.

It feels like an honour to be able to pass on what I have learnt to anyone who is interested. My time on the mat has taught me everything from humility to having a sense of humour. I have also learnt that there are no short cuts in yoga — you can read all the books in the world but at the end of the day my realisation is that there is no substitute for time spent on the mat.

I have been authorized ‘level 2′ to pass on the Ashtanga Yoga method by the late Sri K Pattabhis Jois. It is an honour to receive Guruji’s blessing I will endeavour to pass on the method as I have been instructed to do so , staying true to the Ashtanga Yoga form as realized by Sri K Pattabhis Jois. My studies will now continue with Sharath Rangaswamy at the KPJAYI in Mysore, South India.


Matt Ryan – a student testimonial

I’d never practiced Ashtanga before but I was having to look for a new yoga class and found that a guy called Matt Ryan was running a class within a reasonable distance from where I lived.

What I found there was a style of yoga and of teaching which I had never experienced before.  The Ashtanga teaching way was so different that it began to raise doubts in me about whether it was really what I wanted.  I was on the verge of giving up the class when something different happened.  It was next to nothing but it made the world of difference. You see I had been taught somewhere in the past to splay the fingers when the arm is extended in Trikonasana, but on this particular evening, this new teacher, this Matt Ryan, he simply closed my fingers back together. Nothing was said, it was just the simplest possible manual adjustment, but without it I may not have returned there the following week!

From that point on I have never looked back and several years later Matt is still providing me with motivational guidance in this wonderful practice. His calmness of approach and his knowledge of Ashtanga combined with strength and subtlety in his adjustments are exemplary. How fortunate I am to have him as my teacher.

Thanks Matt for all the effort and time you have committed, and continue to commit to improving my practice. It’s a rare privilege and very much appreciated. Long may it continue.

David Pugh , Manchester.