Kieron James

Kieron James

Business and Marketing - online & offline

Kieron James, Chairman at Nexbridge Communications Ltd

An economics graduate with a PGCE in Business Education, Kieron started his career as a Teacher in the UK and Middle East, before eventually moving into the exciting emerging market of web domain names sales in 1999, holding senior roles in and Verisign.

Following this he branched out into the world of telecoms, founding Zimo Communications in 2005, which soon established itself as a leading telecoms innovator, winning the industry’s Service Provider of the Year Award in 2008. The company was acquired by j2 Global, Inc. in February 2012.

That same year, Kieron went on to cofound Nexbridge, a company that provides industry-leading telecoms services to call centres and other communications providers through hardware hosted in multiple UK data centres.

The company recently branched out into IP telephony services and now operates the popular WHYPAY? voice conferencing service which offers free conference calls to UK businesses.

In addition to his primary business activities, Kieron has also been a member of the Federation of Communication Services (FCS) since 2005, becoming a board member in 2012 and playing a key role in advising government committees on telecoms legislation.

A music producer and avid yoga practitioner in his spare time, Kieron’s successful track record in pioneering B2B IT market sectors is testament to his strong leadership, strategic marketing and business development experience. Kieron also established the Wonderful Organisation, a non-profit which allows individuals to raise money for charities by providing an online platform for sponsorship. Wonderful differs from other fundraising platforms in that uniquely, every penny raised by individuals is passed to the charities. The organisation deducts nothing for offering this service and nobody at Wonderful receives a salary.

Business Content

The business element of the course led by Kieron will focus upon web and social presence, search engine optimisation, market research, sales and marketing, online class scheduling and booking (including advice for users of smartphones and emerging technologies), free and ‘freemium’ business tools and the yoga teacher in the community.