Graduate Testimonials

I have found the course very interesting, its two-pronged complementary approach making it unique, balanced and beautifully intense.

I couldn’t have asked for better teachers either – dedicated practitioners, knowledgeable and excellent at sharing their findings and so lovely to be around.

Cristina Balalau


The location for the YMTT is beautiful and ideal for both practice and theory. The course has been well organised and each of the teachers delivered the practice and study in a confident, professional manner.
Having the practice first thing in the morning suited me and I think that the overall balance between practical and study was right.
I was relieved at the diversity in the students backgrounds, yoga practice etc and although slightly nervous at first I found everybody to be really open, friendly and interesting.
Although the 8 days were challenging mentally, once they were over I missed them and I am really looking forward to the forthcoming weekends!

Sarah Jones


Hello, prior to the start of the YMTT course 2017, I was a little anxious as to whether I would be surrounded by Yoga superstars with elastic hamstrings & an ability to levitate in mediation (slight exaggeration!).  But, within no time at all, such thoughts & anxieties disappeared.  I was surrounded by a diverse group of students who bonded quickly in great surroundings and were able to help & support each other through the course content.  The teachers & the course content have been fantastic.  So far (after the 8 day intensive), it has been broad ranging from what I’d describe as a more Hatha based practice with Yoga Motion to Yoga for Sports which, as a former endurance triathlete, was perfect for my aspirations to bring Yoga to athletes.  Not forgetting a good chunk of anatomy delivered by Christoph & his best mate Wolfgang – a life-sized human skeleton.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in endorsing this teacher training course for anyone who is considering becoming a yoga teacher…  See you on the mat

Bernard Nolan