Dr.Christoph Seiland

Dr.Christoph Seiland

Senior teacher - Anatomy and Biomechanics

I was 17 when I saw my all time favourite musician, John Frusciante, doing splits and some other crazy movements as a warm up for a show. Although I had no name for it, something about what he was doing touched me deeply.

Up to this point, in terms of free time activities, I was very much a runner, exploring the mountains around my hometown in Austria alone or with my dog, as well as having periods where I enjoyed climbing and mountain biking as well. In addition to this, I was and still am very much into music and learned some instruments over the course of the years of which the guitar still is my favourite. I did some research and found out that what my idol was doing is called Ashtanga Yoga, which prompted me to buy some books about this topic and imitate what I saw on the pictures. It was fun and felt great! For many years this was my style of yoga and I travelled to the originating place of this method, Mysore in India, as well as to other teachers around the world to learn as much about it as possible.

As the human body always was a subject of interest, awe and inspiration for me, I studied medicine to delve deeper into the mechanics and functions of it. I deeply value what I am learning as a doctor, however, I now also wish to share what I know through the practice of Yoga.

Inspired by the Ido Portal method, I am currently exploring different areas of movement, such as the rings, gymnastics and dancing to distill from it what can be of use in the context of Yoga. All that exists is continually changing and expanding, which includes my knowledge, awareness, practice and teaching. I will always continue to explore where there may be more fun, effective and beneficial movements of the body to express that state of Yoga.